AGORA Strategy Consulting is a Germany-based financial and management consultancy with the purpose to conduct international investments. Established in 2005, we offer custom-tailored financial and commercial management services. Committed to building profitable and sustainable businesses, we provide improved profitability, cash flow, and business performance on account of working holistic and far-reaching.
In the last 12 years, we successfully planned and supported European companies in their market entry in Persian Gulf Countries. In both Europe and the Middle East, we have assisted many companies and influenced their strategy. Our clients come out of a wide range of industries such as petrochemical, chemical, telecommunication, IT, automotive and food & beverage.
Since 2014, we provide new services of reference funding governmental projects through financial institutions audited by regulatory authorities in the European Union and Asia. Our team of highly skilled and experienced brokers is focused on finding and securing the perfect loan for our client's needs and budgets. In this way, several projects in Europe and South America have been completed.
Our team of dedicated professionals offers an exclusive service, combining wide-reaching strategies with a focus on individual client needs. Our extensive experience in business means that we understand the challenges faced by executives in today's economic climate.
Our team members have on average over twenty years of experience in strategic planning, product and lifecycle management, business transformation, change management and leadership in a great variety of industries.