Certification Counts

We support companies in the introduction and optimization of management systems. With a holistic approach. With personal commitment. And above all with brains. Our best minds will tell you what advantages this has for you.

Your gateway to the market

The revision of ISO 9001 makes it much more straightforward. Thanks to its newly structured structure (high-level structure), it is closer to everyday practice. It is important to note that after a transitional period until 2018, the consideration of opportunities and risks will play a much more significant role in the future.

Consulting on ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard is a quality management system that is recognized worldwide. Once introduced, the integration of industry-specific standards can be implemented at any time. Certification, according to ISO 9001, thus becomes a stepping stone into the national and international market. Take advantage of this competitive advantage.

Benefit from the experience we have gained in many large consulting projects. Together with you, we can develop a quality management system that is precisely tailored to your needs. Lean and practice-oriented. It ensures more efficient structures, long customer loyalty – and significant savings in time and costs.

AGORA consultants are highly qualified. Thanks to their know-how, they can identify the essential improvement potentials during the introductory phase and take over the development and maintenance of quality management documentation. As part of the consultation, a short training course with workshop character is held, which promotes the understanding and awareness of your employees. And in our internal audits, we prepare you optimally for your certification audits. We can also support you when it comes to subsidies.

Environmental management according to ISO 14001 (EMS)

Avoid risks – reduce costs
Active environmental protection needs binding rules. DIN EN ISO 14001, which stands for operational eco-management, is understood and recognized worldwide. The introduction of this standard pays off for you in several ways: it reduces pollutants, accident, and liability risks – and thus also costs. At the same time, legal certainty is increased. And remember: the Only certification makes your environmental management credible for the public.

Consulting on Environmental Management

Our consultants are experienced and qualified as Environmental Auditors. In an initial ecological audit, they evaluate the relevant structures and processes. In the case of existing regulations, e.g., OHSAS 18001 or ISO 9001, they integrate them into an integrated management system.
Make a start to improve your environmental management continuously. Training is the best way to sensitize your employees to this topic and to promote the right ecological behavior. We support you not only on the way to certification but also afterward: Our environmental officer guarantees that your environmental management system will be maintained and continuously developed.

Energy management ISO 50001 (EnMS)

Sustained and efficient management

The international standard DIN EN ISO 50001 has clear objectives: The reduction of costs and environmental pollution, particularly greenhouse gas emissions. With the introduction of this energy management system, you plan the energy consumption of your company sustainably and efficiently. In contrast to ISO 14001, which stands for environmental performance, ISO 50001 refers to energy performance with technological requirements.

Comprehensive consulting on EnMS

As specialists for energy management systems, our team has extensive experience in dealing with ISO 14001 (UMS) and DIN EN 16001 (predecessor of ISO 50001).
We support you both in introducing the EnMS and in integrating it into your existing management system. With internal audits, which take place as part of the introduction of EnMS, we ensure optimal preparation for your certification audit – among other things through the principle of dual control. Even after that, we are there for you to keep your energy management system up to date.

About the EDL-G

According to the Energy Services Act (EDL-G) of 15 April 2015, an energy management system, according to ISO 50001, is recognized as one way of fulfilling the obligation of an energy audit. This offers companies that already have a management system, a cost-effective and time-saving way to meet the legal requirements. In contrast to the energy audit, according to DIN EN 16247, ISO 50001 also offers the advantage that identified measures to increase energy efficiency can be pursued directly and continuously, thus saving more energy costs overall.

Work safety management ISO 45001

Protects employees – benefits the company

Companies are required by law to have an appropriate workplace safety organization. However, Work Safety Management (WSM) not only creates legal security but also offers you advantages that go beyond compliance with the requirements:

Benefits of work safety management:

  • Reducing costs – through fewer accidents at work
  • Higher employee motivation – through a healthy workplace
  • Better reputation – thanks to implemented occupational safety and health measures

Consulting and coaching for optimal work safety

As consultants, we accompany you during the introduction of work safety management, according to ISO 45001, taking into account both the legal requirements and the pragmatic implementation in the company. Do you already have a management system? Then we integrate it optimally.
Our supplementary seminars qualify your employees in the experienced handling of all requirements and the implementation of work safety management.

Significance and requirements ISO 45001

ISO 45001 replaced “OHSAS 18001” in June 2018. It created an ISO standard in occupational safety management, which, with the new High-Level Structure, is based even more closely on the structures of ISO 9001 and others. It allows the specific requirements of the WMS to be optimally implemented in an Integrated Management System (IMS) in terms of ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001.

Requirements for the ISO 45001 include, e.g.:

  • The pursuit of continuous improvement
  • Employee awareness
    Responsibilities of top management
  • Adherence to legal workplace safety requirements